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Below is an outline of the normal itinerary for a daytrip by coach & ferry to both  Manchester United and Liverpool home games.

Please note that this is applicable for games with a standard 3pm or later KO time. For those with an earlier scheduled kick off time please contact our office for more information as the times will differ from below


Please only use this as a rough guide, individudal match itineraries are available upon request, and will be issued to clients 10 days before departure.


Please note that in some cases were a 3pm kick off is scheudled for Manchester United home games, the below itinerary will alter due to construction and road closures around Old Trafford, we will travel out though Belfast / Cairnryan 03.30 sailing, arriving at Ol Trafford at 11.30 am




Morning of the game:

Depart Belfast        4.30 am   Grand Opera house

Depart Lisburn        4.45 am   Saintfield Roundabout

Depart Lurgan        5.00 am   Skelton Travel

Depart Banbridge    5.10 am   The Coach nightclub

Depart Newry         5.30 am   Mc Canns Corner / Fiveways Roundabout

Depart Dundalk       5.45 am   Dundalk South Roundabout

Depart Drogeda      6.00 am   North Drogeda Roundabout

Check In               7.00 am   Dublin Port Terminal

Depart                  8.05 am   Sailing to Holyhead



We expect to arrive in Liverpool at approximately 1.30pm/Manchester 2pm 


The coach will drop you off directly at the Stadium.


The coach will depart from the arranged point at 10.30pm sharp to return home. 

Please ensure that you are on time as the coach will be on a tight schedule and will not wait.


Depart  Manchester / Liverpool     10.30 pm           Old Trafford / Anfield

Arrive   Holyhead                        1.30 am            Port of Holyhead

Depart  Holyhead                        2.40 am           Cruise Ferry / Irish Ferries

Arrive   Dublin                            5.55 am            Northwall

Arrive   Drogheda                        7.00 am           North Drogheda Roundabout

Arrive   Dundalk                          7.15 am           Dundalk South Roundabout

Arrive   Newry                            7.30 am           Mc Canns Corner / Fiveways Roundabout

Arrive   Banbridge                       7.45 am           The Coach nightclub

Arrive   Lurgan                           8.00 am           Skelton Travel

Arrive  Lisburn                            8.15 am           Saintfield Roundabout

Arrive  Belfast                            8.30 am           Grand Opera House



NB No Alcohol is permitted to be taken on to our coach.

Anyone acting in a drunken or rowdy manner will be refused permission to travel and no refunds will be given.

Thank you for choosing to travel with Skelton Travel We hope you will enjoy your trip

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